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Announcing the release of book #7 of the Main Street Merchants series, Take Two, coming February 2016!

Praise for And Something Blue:  

"I love that it was a short read, because I was sucked into the story and didn't want to put it down." - Lisa

"This was such a fun story. I loved getting to know the characters and am looking forward to reading more of their lives in future books." - M.E.

"It is a sweet romance that leaves you with a smile and want to read more books like And Something Blue. It is full of drama, romance and good friends." - Rhonda

Praise for For Love or Money:

"I fell in love with the characters and loved how this story unfolded." - Kathy

"This honestly was, by FAR, one of the best romance novels I have read. I loved it so much I found myself having to force myself to stay on task until I had a free moment to read." - Sarah

Praise for Five Golden Rings:

"Several things that make a romance enjoyable for me is when romance is not the only thing driving the story forward and when a character grows in a meaningful way. Five Golden Rings delivers on both those points." - NMW

"Paige Timothy has done it again! This third in the series had me laughing, smiling, feeling anxious, and crying. She knows how to write a story that makes you feel every emotion known to man and ends it with a satisfied feeling of peace that everything will be okay." - Chele

Praise for Just Desserts:

"One of my favorite things about this series is the way the characters are all connected. They show up in each others stories and each store/business is so quaint and cozy. I would love to see this street in real life! I'm definitely looking forward to more." - Kit-Kat 75

"I am really loving this whole Main Street Merchant series. You get to know individual characters in their own books and then you get to see what happens to them later. That's the best way to have books!" - My Book a Day

"Perfect, sweet, and clean romance. Why aren't all romance novels like this??" - Niecie and D. 

Praise for Between the Lines:

"A sweet and clean romance. The characters are realistic and come with their own baggage that is easy to relate to and comforting to witness someone deal with things in a human manner with ups and downs. My favorite passages are on pages 75 and 76--don't rush through those pages. Read them twice, share the words with your friends and family, and be glad someone expressed so well such a powerful and important perspective on love and romance. This book has it all. Romance and passion with grace and light. I loved it. I can't wait to read more of Paige Timothy's writing." - Aften

"I love that while reading these I have never come across anything that has offended me, or that I wouldn't want our daughters reading over my shoulder. It's so fun to see characters that I've loved from other stories moving on with their lives and still getting their happy endings. The plot was great too, and I really liked the ending. Can't wait to read more of these and find out what happens to all of my favorite characters!" - My Book a Day 

Praise for In the Stars

"I don't normally give five stars but this book earns everyone of them. I love Paige Timothy. Her books are just what you need to unwind at the end of the day. I don't have to worry about cussing or sex. But there is still enough romance to make you giddy and sigh. Love this book!" - Amazon customer