Becky Hanson is a four-and-a-half-year cancer survivor and has been blogging about her journey since her diagnosis. When she's asked to attend a symposium of doctors, advocates, and patients to speak about her experiences, she's reluctant to call that much attention to herself, but does it as a favor to her doctor. She's shocked to find that Josh Hennessey, her one-time love and now-famous oncologist, is the main speaker at the symposium. Has fate given them a second chance at a future together, or just another shot at miserably ever after?

This romantic novella first appeared in the Sweet and Sassy Anthology Hidden Identities.

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Bestselling author Alexis St. John needs an escape, and Nate, her personal assistant, thinks that a trip to a real castle in England will be just the thing. What neither of them planned on, though, was to encounter an actual ghost.

Lady Catherine Dunlow hates the idea of sharing her castle with tourists and does everything she can to chase them out, much to the amusement of her roguish suitor. But when her two newest guests stumble upon a mystery surrounding her death, she decides to let them stay.

With an eternal fate in the balance, Nate and Alexis must move quickly to bring the killer to light before Catherine is trapped forever.

This novella was originally published in the Sweet and Sassy Anthology Castle Collection.

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